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How Oceans Carry our Internet Traffic

There is really interesting stuff about Internet that I didn’t know before. Even with expensive and robust communications satellites today, 99% of the Internet traffic among countries and continents is carried by cables beneath the ocean floors. It seems that there will be no replacement to submarine cable communications in near future. Look here for more details.


ACM Latex: Remove copyright, reference format and doi which is footer and headers… etc

Use the following commands to remove the above info.


If your abstract is missing, you should put your abstract before \maketitle

Result: YouTube Power consumption for HD and 360 degree video

Here is some random result that I got when I was bored. I see a 200% increase in power consumption from a regular HD (1280×720) video to a 360 degree video (3480×1920), which is 2X times. Most of the prior work for 360 degree video streaming is focused on optimizing the bandwidth consumption. But, it seems there is definite need to optimize the power consumption for mobile devices. Link to data, here.


Buffered Input Stream versus Input Stream

Just got to know the difference. Although, sure I read this in college long back.

BufferedInputStream [Excerpt]: A BufferedInputStream adds functionality to another input stream-namely, the ability to buffer the input and to support the mark and reset methods. When the BufferedInputStream is created, an internal buffer array is created. As bytes from the stream are read or skipped, the internal buffer is refilled as necessary from the contained input stream, many bytes at a time. The mark operation remembers a point in the input stream and the reset operation causes all the bytes read since the most recent mark operation to be reread before new bytes are taken from the contained input stream.

InputStream [Excerpt]: This abstract class is the superclass of all classes representing an input stream of bytes. Applications that need to define a subclass of InputStream must always provide a method that returns the next byte of input.

BufferedInputStream is always faster than InputStream because it pre-buffers the bytes and thus will not block for long.

laptop not switching on?

Story of the day:

laptop not switching on? 😦 Don’t worry, there are some possible tweaks you could do before going to vendor support.

Problem faced: Unable to turn on my laptop (Zbook HP, Ubuntu) even with charging.

Solution (aka Magic):
It is brand new laptop. The only thing that did is, I ran very computationally expensive job (video related) yesterday. This was consuming around 700% of CPU.
Boom, today in the morning I had no idea why I was unable to turn the laptop on (the only reason I could think is because of heavy task). I checked the power cable condition, laptop shows it is getting charged. Guess what, I did what you would do (Google search). I got below (good) link for solution.

The link suggested several solutions. I tried all, worked the last one: Drain the computer of electricity. But, I did not have to go through all the steps. I just disconnected the adapter and pressed the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. Boom, I suddenly saw the power button light on. But still It was unable to boot. I then connected charger again and then turned the laptop on. Worked like charm.

Electricity is clogged. By disconnecting the adapter, you can decrease the amount of residual electrical charge. So, the electricity is now flowing freely and the laptop is good to power on 🙂

The Notorious MEME Culture

Memes. The social media accelerated the impact of Memes on many individuals especially Teens and early 20’s. When asked, people tell different opinions about the stereotypes in these Memes. While many people suppose them as absurd in the sense of racism and sexism, some admire the humor depicted by the Meme creator. Some popular Memes..

Yes, what one person can think of something funny can be offensive to others. Seems  very hard problem to solve (NP Hard? :D). But, as of my opinion, quantifying the impact of Memes on people is really important. Social network analysis researchers should show the downsides and usefulness of this infamous culture. Perhaps, there must be a measure which shows the offensiveness or positive impact of a Meme based on which it can be published on social media or not.